• Hurricane Ida cuts power to over 1 million: Experts offer survival tips

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    Hurricane Ida took out power for half of Louisiana and shut down 911 service in New Orleans on Sunday after it hit the state as a Category 4 storm with 150 mph winds. On Monday, it continued to batter Louisiana and Mississippi as a tropical storm. Ida has devastated the area, flooding roads and blowing off roofs, with one man reported dead after a tree hit his home. Ida landed exactly 16 years to the day since Hurricane Katrina crashed ashore. Time was not on the side of many residents, as this storm strengthened rapidly, jumping from a Category 1 to a strong Category 4 in less than 24 hours.With more than 1 million customers lacking power, utility companies predict power could be out for as long as three weeks. Experts are still analyzing the damage and what it takes to restore power. Getting by without power for three hours is one thing; getting by for three days or longer requires a survivalist’s strategy.In today’s smartphone-dependent world, those in the path of a storm can’t count on apps to be a sole source for all news and communication with the outside. A hurricane can leave many stranded without power for days on end in a dark home with nothing but a dead phone battery. I grew up in South Florida, where planning to go a week without power is part of the norm for summer hurricane season. I’ll never forget my family huddled around the radio and battery-powered TV for information after the monster Category 5 Hurricane Andrew leveled entire neighborhoods nearby in 1992. I now keep my family prepared with backup power supplies and go-bags packed with basics, in case there’s a need to evacuate. There’s no app for thisSure, stocking up on enough water and canned food to last a week is important, but it’s just as vital to think how you’ll power the essential tech, including your phone, lights at night, and even a small energy-efficient radio or LED TV for news (that is, as long as you have an antenna to pick up over-the-air broadcast signals). In an emergency, you can’t rely on your phone for news. For some firsthand perspective, I went to survivalists, including Lt. Col. Scott Mann, a retired Green Beret who served in conflict zones and now trains corporate execs on how to tough it out in the wild. Mann stresses the importance of owning a variety of backup power sources. Before turning to a battery, explains Mann, you’ll need to change your phone habits. No playing games and no scrolling through Facebook (except for getting news on the safety of loved ones, of course). Your phone is now a survival tool. Turn it off to conserve power unless you need to reach someone. Keep in mind that even if you have power, checking in with mom may be impossible, at least for a while. Cell towers, if operating, aren’t designed to handle everyone in a given area trying to use their phone at once. Hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross has seen this firsthand during monster storms. During Hurricane Andrew, he was the voice my family counted on through his broadcasts over the radio. Now he shares his storm warnings with the world through his Facebook and Twitter posts. He sees the potential complications with our phone dependence.\

    fiddlers ferry pub

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